Search Engines

PING is a service to update search engines and directories that your blog/content has updated. It is the best way to let the whole world know about your latest content update and thus resulting in driving more traffic to your blog. PING is a 100% safe SEO method as it strictly follows Search Engines Terms & Conditions.

List of benefits

Fast Indexing

PING service is very much useful for getting indexed faster then the normal course. You need not to wait for the search engines crawlers to perform indexing naturally. Now you can PING your Blog/Website URL whenever you have the updated content.

Improve Ranking

Do you know what actually happened when you pinged your Blog/Website URL. Search Engines/Directories crawlers and indexers visit your Blog/Website URL for the content & specified keywords. They run their algorithm to rank your page accordingly.

100% Safe

We are transparent in our working and fully compliant with the terms & conditions set by the search engines like Google. We do not adopt any tactics to gain short term ranking for our customers as it may have an adverse effect on search results.


1. How do in know my blog/website has pinged?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Do you provide white label/Developer API?

4. How much time to activate Ping service?

5. What level of Support we can expect from you?

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Save your PING settings

You can save your PING settings in your login panel. This will help you to automatically launch the pre-confingured ping. You can also set up the PING frequency like daily, weekly or monthly. We send you a reminder on your mail so that you can trigger the ping to get the maximum benefit.