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About 'Skill Update & Promote Yourself'
Sponsorship Program.

A generous and extensive network of fortune corporates,
educational and professional institutes, foundations and
individuals support O'Round 'Skill Update & Promote Yourself' Program.
Through the funding they provide, our Sponsors are helping people to
become the skilled professionals.




Sponsorship opportunity include the
following workscope

1. Financial Sponsorship of 'Skill update & promote yourself program'
2. Strategic initiatives for brand building.
3. Scholarships & Internships for students.
4. Employee Engagement
5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Sponsorship benefits include

1. Strengthening your brand reputation in the community
2. Creating a pipeline for skilled interns and future employees.
3. Employee training sponsorship lower down the attrition rate.
4. Print Media and Digital Media exposure
5. Skill training program is the best cause marketing.




Why You Matter

Financial support is essential to run educational programs without any break. Skill update & Promote yourself programs help students & working professionals to develop the skill-set which is in-demand today. We are eager for cause- marketing donors and corporate Sponsors to help us spread this educational program everywhere.


O'Round Corporate Sponsors come from industries of all shapes and sizes. All of our sponsors contribution
is of great value to build 'Skill update & promote Yourself' Program a unique of its kind in the world.
For information on how to become a sponsor please email us at [email protected]



Guidelines for consideration as a sponsor:

1. A minimum Sponsorship of $25,000 is suggested for consideration as a sponsor.
2. O'Round will only work with companies that have been in business for at least one year and have good market reputation.
3. O'Round does not sell, loan or distribute its mailing list or e-mail addresses to third parties.
4. O'Round does not consider promotions that utilize direct mail, telemarketing, door-to-door or vending machine sales.
5. O'Round does not accept proposals that include or are within the following categories: alcoholic beverages, tobacco, adult content, firearms.