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What you'll get

  Analyse your visitors and behavior

  Website/Blog conversion rate tracking

  Monitor your Google organic search.

  keywords & search phrase analysis.

  Google display ad results reports.

  Daily website visitors and pageviews.


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Google Analytics is an advanced web analytics tool that collects data from web and perform analysis on website visitors, their source of orgin and customer behavior. It helps you to identify from where your website/blog traffic coming from, including the identification of the medium & channels. And most importantly, it plays a significant role in optimizing your Digital Marketing Budget because now you can evaluate the conversion ratio of your campaigns on your own.

Features Included

Google Analytics Account Setup

We do the initial audit of your website/blog to setup the Google Analytics Account. Our job includes: setting of objectives, installation of tracking codes on your website/blog, create tags using Google Tag Manager, creating dashboards and a training session for yourself.

In-depth analysis and Customized Reporting.

Google Analytics gives you an edge to understand your website/blog traffic in a better way by collecting web data from multiple channels/sources. Customized reporting is an easy way where a non-technical user can also interpret the statistical data using filters option.

Conversion Tracking and Conversion Optimization.

You can easily track which keywords of your website/blog are performing and which are not. Once you have the detail of all performing assets, you can change the keywords or content of your website/blog that helps you to bring more traffic and generate more visitors.

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Brand Building

Step1. Set up a Landing Page URL for Keywords Promotion.

Step2. Place the Display/Native Ad on Google Ad Network.

Step3. set up a google analytics account for your website/blog.

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Hire a Google Analytics Certified Professional on part/full time basis

It's a value added service where an experienced google analytics certified professional work on your project dedicatedly.

Objective : Enhance Web site Visibility | Bringing targeted traffic | Engagement | Lead generation | Analytics | client retention

Role & Responsibility : A Digital Marketing professional who got expertise in Analytics assigned to your project. The role of digital marketing professional is to make strategy, identify trends and execute all web promotional activities like SEO optimized landing page design, SMO & display advertising in your budget. Responsibility is to analyze the data traffic and report the performance of all digital marketing campaigns along with ROI statistics. Click here to know more about services & Fee...

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