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Streamline Your Placement process to shortlist & hire the candidates for a company.

Placer is a cloud based Recruitment Software that makes placement process easy. It is widely used by Placement agencies, HR Professionals, educational institutes and small-medium-large each size of company. Its a universal truth that a good team of employees is the secret of success for a Company. The challenge is to build that good team. There are lots of softwares already present in the market doing the recruitment processing work then what are the reasons to make one another software. The honest answer is, HR Placer is very simple to operate cost effective solution that built to streamline your placement process easy. Henceforth, gives you productivity & Profitability.

Speed and security are the deciding factors to draw a line of difference among recruitment softwares. Placement agencies or HR consultants have their good business image by placing the candidates in minimum period of turn around time (TAT). HR placer is the first software of its kind that works on Web & Mobile Platform both. And gives you the freedom to communicate with your client via login panels, emails and SMS.

List of benefits

  Build your own dynamic database of potential profiles.

  Draft your Job Description to receive the best applicants.

  Search the right candidate from pre-defined search parameters

  Interview Scheduling, shortlisting and live Applicant Tracking.

  And most importantly, it is cloud based maintenance free software that saves your time and money.

Professional Features

White Label

Your company/organization or institution name, logo and branding will be integrated into the solution, allowing personalisation to match your requirements. It helps you to maintain your own Business identity & Goodwill

Plug n Play

This solution is easy to integrate with your existing website or email account. Its user friendly interface allowing you to perform all placement related task in simple click of a button.

Cloud Based

The beauty of cloud computing is that you need not to worry about wasting time maintating the system yourself. Leaving you free to focus on your business and we will take care of your technology support. Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware & software. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model.

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