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UPSKILL & PROMOTE YOURSELF is a self serve online platform that educates you to promote your blog on your own with Live work experience. This program is named 'Blog Promotion' because we do your blog promotion in this program practically and share the secret with you so that you can get the professional skill. It consists of online practical sessions and assignments along with live examples. You can complete your Blog Promotion Program in 30 days.

A good promotion act as a catalyst in getting success. No wonder that sometime less qualified people get the promotion then the higher qualified one. We are living in a modern age where social media & Mobile Apps are changing our day to day working life. Conventional methods to carry bunch of papers have become outdated, now the time has come where younger generation has their own blogs & facebook accounts. If you have your online presence then you must understand why you should promote your Blog or website. And It all comes with a work experience & a Training letter for yourself.

Target Audience

Students | College Goers | Freshers | Freelancers | Working Professionals | Entrepreneurs
And anyone who wish to have a skill-in-demand to explore the world of Blogging.


There is no technical background or any specific education stream is required
There is no prerequisites or work experience required to get enrolled for this program.

Fee : $ 99

Features Included

Self Serve Platform

An online interface is given in your login panel for live practical sessions. In this interface you can run the live examples on your own to understand how things works in live environment.

Work Experience & Training Letter

A Work Experience & Training Letter will be awarded to you on successful completion of your UPSKILL & PROMOTE YOURSELF program. It is a documentary proof of your skill set & expertise that you can mention in your profile.

Digital Verification via QR Code

We provide you a PageViewed Card with QR code that you can mention in your Profile. It helps others to verify your Work Experience & Training letter. You can share this QR code on your Social Media Profiles.

Be a True Professional

A true professional knows how things work. Digital Marketing workshop is useful to get the conceptual knowledge whereas UPSKILL & PROMOTE YOURSELF program is helpful to get the live work experience on Blog Promotion.


  It provides you an online interactive session to make your own live project and guides you to promote your Blog or Websites on your own

  It provides you an online practical session where by you can learn the Online Promotion in a better way by running live examples on your screen.

  This program is very much useful to up-skill your profile. We provide you a Ranks Maker CARD that help others to verify your practical Experience in Blog Promotion.

N.B. Please note that we do not provide any kind of placement assistance and do not charge any amount to provide job related service. Report such abusing activity on [email protected]

Bottom Line:

We have no setup fee, no term contract, no recurring fees, and an unconditional 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. If we do not do what we say, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Sample Chapters

  Social Media Performance

  Keyword Analysis


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5. Is it helpful in Placement Drives?

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Partner Program for Educational Institutes / Corporates / Govt. Organizations vision is "Knowledge Spreads via Sharing" . We are venturing with industry's top educational institutes and corporate for the same. we would like to have an association with your premier organization to conduct this program. Partnering with our UPSKILL & PROMOTE YOURSELF Program make your students & professionals Industry Ready. Some of the benefits of this Program:

  Self - Paced Learning - Anywhere - Anytime Learning
  Short Term - Ranging from Modular to Certificate Program
  Skill Development Program - thereby improved performance in Placement Drives.
  No technical background or any specific education stream is required to attend this program.
  Most Economical Learning at a Fraction of traditional Program Cost with live practical sessions.