Faster Hiring saves your Time & Money

O'Round is made for professonal recruiters to source candidates faster
with TAT (Turn Around Time) monitoring




Line Up the candidate for interview,
the fastest way.

O'Round multiple channel approach build your candidates
database with quality filters in a click of a button




Communication Logs & Threads
All in one place

You can integrate your existing mail accounts with O'Round mail servers. By virtue of which you can manage your communication with candidates & clients.


Freedom to work. Recruitment On The Go

O'Round browser extension, mobile app and desktop app
gives you the complete freedom, the way you want to work.




Collaborative Approach
Integreate with your existing ATS & CRM

O'Round has a greate feature of collaboration that helps to build good teams to work together and makes the hiring process easy.


Fast ROI comes with
Fast Decisions

O'Round Reports & Analysis tool gives you a clear picture of your working. The numbers tell you what works for you and what does not. You can have a look at your team performance and can find the places where your team can perform much better with effective saving of time & resources.



35% Reduction in Cost Per Hire
40% reduction in onboarding time
120% increase in candidates sourcing

No More Gimmicks Of Imaginary Figures. Easy to work solution that Saves Time Saves Money
If you know how to send email and how to use Mobile Phone, You can use O'Round Solution
And most important thing that you would love to hear, it is only $19 per month per user.